Drivepur Protection

Did you know that the average vehicle contains 10 times more of the germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold spores that negatively affect your family’s health than the typical household? And that includes toilets and kitchen sinks!

Think about it: you use your vehicle every day, often eating, transporting sports gear, and tracking dirt and other debris from your shoes, clothes, and purse in the process. But how often do you really clean your vehicle’s interior from top to bottom?


Independent studies have shown that your vehicle is one of the unhealthiest environments you and your family are exposed to each day. But DrivePur can change all that.


DrivePur is an airborne sanitization product that kills all those unseen germs and bacteria inside your vehicle. It utilizes a non-toxic combination of two chemicals (chlorine dioxide and titanium dioxide—the same stuff they use to clean operating rooms) that shocks and kills the bacteria, and then creates a barrier on the interior surfaces of your vehicle that will reactivate with heat, light, and moisture to continue working for up to a year.

It doesn’t leave a film, and your vehicle is safe to enter right after DrivePur has been applied. It’s quick, simple, and helps keep you and your family healthy and happy.