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Protect your investment. Total Care Auto Powered by Landcar is an affordable way to keep your vehicle looking good and running smoothly for many years to come. And when you need coverage, we’ll be there. That’s what we call total peace of mind for your investment.


When it comes to purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, one of the top concerns is whether or not it will be a mechanical headache in the future.

Total Care Auto Powered by Landcar delivers some of the most thorough coverage available in the market by protecting an extensive list of vehicle parts and systems, as well as other repairs not typically covered by standard extended vehicle warranties.

Regardless of the protection plan you choose, Total Care Auto Powered by Landcar covers a wide-range of items, letting you pick a plan that fits your needs and safeguards your vehicle should a breakdown occur.

After all, you never know what might happen or go wrong with a vehicle—and peace of mind is priceless.