service Contracts

After a home, a new car is usually the biggest purchase we make. With so much money riding on four wheels, wouldn’t you want some assurance that you’re covered in a worst-case scenario?

With Total Care Auto Powered by Landcar, nearly every moving part and component is protected in the event of a mechanical breakdown or failure—including repairs that aren’t typically covered by standard extended vehicle warranties. Our service contracts eliminate the headache, stress, and financial burden that can come when your vehicle needs repairs.

six plan options

There are six different plans to give you the coverage you need for your vehicle. No matter which plan you choose, you can always count on extensive nationwide coverage, exceptional service, and plenty of complimentary features that add maximum value and peace of mind to your vehicle ownership.


With the disappearing deductible option, there’s no deductible due on eligible repairs or services done at the issuing dealer.